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Pacraft Rentals

Founded in 2008, Pacraftrentalsalaska has offered the most convenient and cheapest pacraft rentals for anyone headed out to explore the water wilderness in Alaska.


Backed by more than 16 years of experience, we carry new equipment of the highest quality. We have updated our entire raft and accessory stock with new products. Rental rafts are always tested for leaks upon return, before being put back into rental inventory. 

Since 2008, the focus on raft rentals is coupled with offering flexibility renters need when planning trips like, tide and weather considerations.  Pickup and Dropoff times flexible without extra charge. It's all about your rental needs that we work around.

Raft in Alaska river
Alpacka Classic Rafts 
All Raft Rentals Include: Raft, Paddle, Inflation Bag, & PFD
Photo Credit_Thor Tingey_6.jpg

1 - 2 Days - $45/Day

with suits - $65/Day

Photo Credit_Thor Tingey_1.jpg

3 - 5 Days - $40/Day

with suits - $60/Day

Photo Credit_Thor Tingey_5.jpg

6 - 14 Days - $35/Day

with suits - $50/Day

Photo Credit_Thor Tingey_11.jpg

15 - 30 Days - $30/Day

with suits - $45/Day

Shipping and Delivery available

"Mule" - XL
All Raft Rentals Include: Raft, Paddle, Inflation Bag, & PFD

1 - 2 Days - $55/Day

3 - 5 Days - $50/Day

Over 5 /Day rental 20% off

2022 Accessories
 Multi-day discount for all accessories
• Dry Suit - $30/Day
• 24 liter Bow bags - $5/Day

• Paddle Mitts - $5/Day
• Dry Bags - $5/Day
• 2 Cargo zip stow bags - $5/Day


All renters will be required to sign a waiver of liability. You will be held financially responsible for any loss of equipment or damages to equipment.


If you cannot come to pick up your packraft or drysuit rental, delivery is available. We can also send rafts to you for a special event. Call us for details.

Pacraft rental
Schedule your raft rental!

Please fill out the raft rental form to get your adventure onto our schedule!

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